Stacy Yates

Hey there! I’m Stacy! Thank you for stopping by.

People often refer to me as a nutrition nerd. I’m the one who brings veggies and hummus to potlucks (just to make sure there’s at least one healthy option available – and, you’re welcome).

My passion for health and my genuine love of food led me to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. There, I completed a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and graduated with honours. Since then, I have formed a nutrition practice focused on accountability. Early on in my career, I recognized that many of my clients already had a pretty good idea of what they needed to eat, but what they actually needed support with was staying the course! What happens when you get bored, distracted, have a bad run of eating, get complacent, or run out of patience? Healthy eating is an endurance sport, and I help ladies stay motivated, inspired and have some fun while doing it!

When I’m not coaching, eating, or trying out a new recipe, you’ll catch me hanging out with my amazing 12-yr old daughter, working out (I love barre and spin), or watching my favorite reality TV program, Below Deck!

I practice in my hometown of Calgary, AB but because my work is done online — I am available for consultations or coaching wherever it is that you happen to call home.


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