4 Ways to Slow Down and Truly Enjoy the Moment

Woman wrapping presents during holiday season. Image: Pexels - Julia Volk

This holiday season, as lovely as it is, can be a really difficult one for people. I find it’s especially difficult for women, as we tend to shoulder so many of the extra responsibilities that arise during this time of year. Things such as buying and wrapping gifts, cleaning and decorating the house, planning and preparing for get-togethers, cooking and baking (just to name a few)!

In the midst of the merry chaos, a guiding mantra might really help you out as it has for me in previous years. My mantra this year is “slow down and enjoy the moment”. It reminds me to try to embrace the joy that defines this magical time and not just hurry to get everything done and off my (never-ending) list! If you haven’t ever used a mantra like this before, give it a try. It can have a profound impact on your well-being during this time.

My “slow down and enjoy the moment” mantra serves as a reminder to enjoy the process and not just focus on the end goal of wanting everyone to have a good Christmas. It reminds me to be present, actively engage with, and relish the unique beauty inherent in each holiday moment. Yes, that even includes long lines at the stores.

The psychological implications of slowing down align with the principles of mindfulness, which is what a lot of us work on throughout the year with the Ate app.

Research indicates that mindfulness practices can enhance our well-being and reduce stress, making it particularly relevant during the bustling holiday season. By doing our best to immerse ourselves in the present moment, we cultivate an awareness that leads to a more fulfilling, memorable, and joyful holiday experience.

Holiday decorations of snowmen

Here are four practical ways to infuse the wisdom of the mantra into the season:

1. Engage Your Senses

Just as we are encouraged to engage our senses in mediation, we can also actively engage our senses in the Christmas experience. Be curious about the different smells, sights, and feels that make up this season: like the scent of pine, the taste of seasonal treats, and the warmth of holiday lights.

2. Limit Technology

Instead of worrying about grabbing the “perfect photo for IG”, be more present and “take a photo” in your brain. Create pockets of undistracted time by limiting the intrusion of technology and external pressures. Allow yourself the space to fully engage with the joyous festivities or to simply be present with your loved ones. They will notice.

3. Embrace the Season

Focus on the parts of the season that bring you the most joy. Maybe that’s seeing all the lights shining at night in your community, seeing your kids playing with their cousins, or traditions being passed down from generations. I love watching old movies like Home Alone or Elf!

4. Say No

It’s important to remember that you can’t say “yes” to everything. Slowing down means that you don’t have time to do everything and that you have to pick and choose based on your priorities. You’re not going to be able to please everyone OR do everything, so choose wisely.

As the snowflakes fall and the holiday lights twinkle, using a mantra might help guide you through this special season. In the midst of the festive whirlwind, let us intentionally slow down and embrace the magic, warmth, and joy that define this time of year. Wishing you happy holidays from my family to yours.

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