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YouAte Coach is a companion service to our mindful food diary app. The coaching dashboard gives you a simple and beautiful interface to track the eating habits of your clients.

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What is YouAte?

YouAte is an easy to use mindful food diary app that your clients will love to use. It’s photo based and takes only 3-taps to save a meal. It’s important that we do not try to collect or calculate calorie information. Instead, we ask your clients how they feel after a meal? Why did they eat? All the questions you would ask them.

Thanks to its simplicity and friendly design, your clients are more likely to keep journaling in the long-run, providing you with all the valuable information you need to help them live a healthier life.

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YouAte for iOS


The YouAte Food Diary app collects a wealth of information about your client’s eating habits. We calculate the time between meals, overnight fasting and show the time since they last ate, and of course a telling photo of their meal. All this information they save in the YouAte App is available to you through YouAte Coach.

Client List

All your clients that you connect with through the YouAte app show up here. You can organize them into groups, to make your life easier. Indicators will show when a client saves a new meal, the last time you looked at their path and any new messages received. We also indicate their current onpath percentage.


Client Path & Chat

Once you select a client from the list, their path will be displayed along with a chat window. Here you can review their past meals, their notes, their daily and weekly summaries. You can also chat with them directly and drag any item from the path to the chat window to preserve context. They can reply to these directly from the app to store all communication in a single & convenient place.


Client Profile

For a quick reminder of your client’s goal, their progress and your notes, you can always pull up their Profile page for an easy overview.


Plans & Pricing

For your clients, the YouAte app is available for Free. There is a Premium account option, but they don't need to sign up for it to be able to share with you!

For you, YouAte Coach is available on a subscription basis with a 21-day trial period. This includes all current features and future updates. Currently, we do have a 100 client limit per account. If you have more client you would like to interact with, please reach out to us.

Coach - Monthly

per month
100# of clients

Coach - Yearly

per year
100# of clients
2 months for free


Coming late 2018
100+# of clients
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