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YouAte is an effortless way to keep track of what you ate,
how you feel, and activities you do.
It’s visual, mindful, and non-judgemental.

Eating never felt this good!

How it works

Capture your meals & activities in 3 taps.
Scroll through your timeline of what you ate.
Stay motivated from the app, your coach,
and close friends.

What users are saying

“Can’t thank you enough for this epic App! I’m just a few days I have more awareness toward what, and why, I’m eating. I can feel my mindset shifting towards food and I’m choosing better each day. I don’t feel “bad” any longer when I have a off path choice. I sit down before and ask myself if I truly want that or am I emotionally eating. It’s totally changed my relationship with meals. Thank you so much!”Angela

“I am a huge fan of this app’s design and overall approach to managing a healthy diet. Has helped me to observe and reflect on my food choices without judgement. Not only can I identify snacking or craving periods, it has helped me manage emotional eating through awareness. I can go back and look at my forever history and pinpoint trends to address. Overall recommend to download this and check it out!”Elisa

“Simple and perfect! This will make you reflect on why you ate and how you feel about it, removing any judgement and not imposing any limits. This works for me: If I’m setting the rules then I’m responsible for following the rules. It’s helped me overcome overeating. It has made me aware of timing of meals for intermittent fasting.”Chris

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for developing this app! It’s helping me overcome my binge eating disorder by moving away from calorie-counting while preserving positive aspects of keeping a food journal.”Misha

“This app changed everything for me! I’ve lost 9 pounds so far, am absolutely not on a diet, do not feel deprived, and have never eaten better! Having to take a picture of everything I eat greatly encourages me to choose colorful, healthy options, pay more attention to portion sizes, and to think twice about whether I really want to eat something. It’s also very reinforcing to look back at my food choices and feel proud of them. I love this app!”PH

“I just wanted to let you know that since I started using your app I have lost 30lbs. I have tried MANY different things to lose weight (counting calories, macros, different diets) but I have found that this is the only thing that has helped me. So I wanted to thank you very much!”Christina

“This app is great - keeps me accountable, makes me so much more aware of my decisions. It also serves as a great reminder of recipes that I love. The notes feature is great bec I can document how I’ve been feeling.”Anonymous

“I LOVE this app! I was looking for something exactly like this because I can’t be bothered to enter calories or even (or even search for) food descriptions. All I needed was something to make me be aware of what I was eating, and to record whether it was on the path or not. You have made it so easy and it’s really helping me every day! Please never change it. It’s perfect!!”Phil


Snap your meals!

Take a quick photo of your meal and simply mark it as on-path or off-path. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just how you feel at the time. Capturing your meals helps you to be more aware of what and why you ate, which helps you make better choices going forward.

Review your path and your habit

This is a reflection of your path. A place to scroll back and look at your previous meals and see how you did yesterday, last week, or last month. Your off-path meals are visible, as you wandered off the path a bit. Reviewing your meals will help you be more aware of your eating patterns and habits. Don't worry, we're here to help you make better choices day by day.

Add notes to your meals

You can add notes and details to see why you made that meal choice and how it made you feel. Capturing your feelings after the meal will help you to be more mindful about your choices and eating habits.

See an overview of your path

Visit your profile page to see how you have been doing. Simple stats will help you stay on your path.

Share your path with a friend

If you have a friend whose opinion you value, share your path with them. They can affirm your healthy choices and chat with you in the app. (Premium)

Are you a health professional working with clients?
See why your clients ate!

Learn more about youate for coaches

“Loving this app! I've been looking for something simple for my clients to help keep them on track without the burden of measuring and weighing and counting!” - Colleen, RD

The Team

We wanted to find a way to enjoy life, eat great food, and have the energy to do it all. We found that food journaling was the best way to do this. After trying all the other food journaling and calorie counting apps, we were disappointed. None of them felt right. We wanted to create a food journaling app that made it easier to pick the foods that make us feel healthier: physically, mentally, and emotionally. This helps us reflect on our eating behaviors in an easy and simple way.

our code guru, follows a strict weekday fitness and eating routine to allow him to party all weekend long
Our community lead, is well on her way to a healthier lifestyle, while carefully nourishing her cake addiction.
our business guy, is attempting to transform his body without giving up his love for baked goods and dairy
our design wizard, is attempting to neutralize his poor soda choices with frequent Vegan feasts.


Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan

450 pounder to ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer - Helping People lose 100 lbs & more

Jennipher Walters

Jennipher Walters

Jennipher is a certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach, a group exercise instructor, author and the co-founder of...

Emily Dingmann

Emily Dingmann

Emily is a Nutritionist who loves spending time in the kitchen, creating simple, nutritious recipes to help you eat better, one meal at a time. On myeverydaytable.com, you'll find realistic whole-food meals that the whole family will enjoy.

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