Leena Abed

Leena Abed is a nutritionist and health coach that has personally seen it all with dieting, anti dieting, and everything in the middle. After realizing neither extreme was working for her, she set out to find a practical balance in nutrition that made sense, fit into her and her clients lifestyles with ease, and improved their relationship with food at the same time. She believes a little education around nutrition and healthy habits is all you need to live healthily, forever. Leena offers one on one nutrition and health coaching where she dives deep into your everyday habits, triggers, and lifestyle focusing on shifting your health habits in a way that fits into your life easily and effortlessly. No more skipping out on your favorite traditional foods, social events, or stressing about weight. We’re not dieting, we’re living. You can find more about Leena and her services on LivingWithLeena.com or on Instagram @LivingWithLeena.


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