Why Staying Hydrated is More Important Than You Think and How to Make it Easy

Tired? Drink water. Digestive upset? Drink water? Want clear skin? Drink water. Brain fog? Drink water.

Woman pouring a glass of water. Image: canva

We hear all the time that we need to drink more water but has anyone ever told you why it’s so important?

Water has been proven to increase the metabolism, it supports every function in our bodies, flushes out toxins, and allows nutrients to be carried throughout our body and brain.

We know that without water we’ll die, but without enough water we’ll simply not function at our best.

All of that being said, drinking water is quite possibly the most mundane task and easily forgotten — especially in the winter months.

Today I’m sharing 5 tips with you to make drinking water EASY and part of your everyday habits:

1. Put a Lid On It:

Where you go, your water goes. That’s what I tell my clients. Glue your water to your hip whether you’re going into the living room to watch TV, out to run errands, or driving to work. You can’t carry your water around with you everywhere if you’re drinking from an open cup. You’d never lay down on the couch with a glass of water (and if you do, you’re a risk-taker!).

Pouring water into a bottle

Instead, put a lid on it, use a water bottle that closes securely so you can take it into the car with you, to the couch, and while you’re doing laundry without worrying about it spilling everywhere.

2. Sip it:

Now that you know you need a water bottle, double-check and make sure it comes with a straw. Drinking water from a straw makes it easier to drink more without it feeling like a chore. There’s no science that I know of to back this up but time and time again people report it being easier to drink more water when they use a straw.

3. Attach Water to Everyday Tasks:

Every morning I wake up, go downstairs, and brew my cup of coffee. While my coffee is brewing, I drink 3 cups of water. After breakfast, I drink another cup or so. Before lunch, 2 more cups. After lunch one more. And so on. I pick tasks I know I’ll do every single day and make sure I drink water right before and right after. Find the things you do every single day without a doubt, and drink water with it. You’ll find yourself more naturally reaching for water throughout the day if you can attach your morning cup of joe to a few cups first thing in the morning.

4. Eat Your Water:

So many of our fruits and veggies are full of water! Things like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and berries are all great whole foods that are gushing with water and hydration.

cucumbers and tomatoes

If I’m having a particularly low water day, I make sure to have sliced cucumbers and tomatoes as a midday snack.

5. Find Your Ideal Temperature:

Okay, this might seem obvious but when people don’t have access to their ideal water temperature, they opt not to drink it. I hate cold water first thing in the morning. I can’t stand it. So I’m proactive and I fill my water bottle the night before so when I wake up, it’s at a comfortable room temperature and I can sip comfortably. If you like your water cold, find a way to have easy access to cold water. This could be by buying an insulated water bottle!

When it comes to habit building, you by no means need to start implementing 5 tips right away. Find one to two that sounds easiest to you and start there. As time goes on, continue to improve and add more!

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