Ate Blog Favorites of 2022

Ate blog favorites

With the holiday season upon us and before we say goodbye to 2022, we’ve rounded up the favorites from this year!

The Ate blog is a contribution from Ate health professionals, who write on topics capturing the health of the whole body (mental, physical, emotional, and social). Sharing about mindfulness, an intuitive approach to health, and body-positivity are important aspects of Ate. The Ate health professionals strive to educate the audience on these various health topics.

Below are the top 5 posts from the year.

Blog 1

Choosing Just Enough For You

How do you know what is “too little” or “too much” for your body? Leena Abed shares the steps and tips to take on figuring out what’s the best amount for you! An important reminder from Leena, “the most nutrient-dense foods in the world have appropriate portion sizes just like donuts.”

Blog 2

Thoughts on Journaling

In this post, Stacy Nelson shares how to get started with a journaling practice and understand its benefits to navigate depression, anxiety, and stress. Find a journaling practice that fits into your lifestyle with the 5 tips she shares about journaling.

Blog 3

4 Steps to Work Through Your Emotions

Many times we turn to food to work through our emotions, but there are other ways to work through them as well. Kelsey also helps to remind you that eating emotionally is not always a bad thing, it can be great to have positive emotions associated with foods as well. For example, holiday baking with your family or even enjoying some cake on a birthday!

Blog 4

5 Essential Tips for Summer

One of the trickiest things about summer is the fact that our routines are often thrown completely off. But, it doesn’t have to be like that! Stacy Yates shares some tips for the summer — but tips that can be adjusted and used all year long as well!

Blog 5

Restore Before More

One of the most common reasons why people emotionally eat is when they are experiencing fatigue but don’t give the body and mind the break it is needing. Amy dives into the importance of truly creating a balanced relationship with food and to have a healthy body, and how that includes practicing “restore before more.”

Continue to follow the Ate Blog through the new year as each week we post a new article!

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