4 Steps to Work Through Your Emotions

Woman feeling emotional with head down. Image - Pexels: Liza Summer

Do you struggle with emotional eating?

Do you mindlessly wander into the pantry or go looking for the chocolate stash during a stressful day?

You may be struggling with emotional or stress eating.

It’s important to note that eating emotionally is not always a bad thing! It can be great to have positive emotions associated with foods as well. For example, holiday baking with your family or even enjoying some cake on a birthday!

It’s important to realize when it becomes habitual and you rely on food as a coping mechanism.

Below find four steps that can help you work through emotions without turning to food!

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Kelsey Wiebe is a Food Freedom & Body Confidence Coach, as well as an Ate app [professional/advocate]. She helps women break free from dieting and be confident in their bodies while creating healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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