Meet Amy Bondar - Your Ate Coach

Making matcha. Image: Pexels - Jason Leung

I have been practicing as a Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach for 21 years and to this day I still absolutely love what I do and feel honored to be part of somebody’s wellness journey!

What I love most about what I do is seeing the transformational changes that my clients have when they awaken to the power of food. The slightest eliminations, additions, and adjustments to their nutrition can play a significant role in helping them to feel and look better.

As one of my clients says, “tiny changes, remarkable results!”

I am in awe of the power of food and how it can literally change someone’s life! What is also incredibly rewarding is when I can help a client get to the root of their unwanted eating behaviors, weight, or health challenges. Guiding my clients to identify, understand, and resolve the stresses that are veering them off their nutritional path helps them to make lasting changes in their relationship with food.

Nutrition is a lifelong journey and commitment, and to help my clients become more nutritionally conscious along the way is a beautiful thing.

Here are the top 10 interesting facts about me that I’d love to share with you:

  1. I have helped people awaken to the power of food to optimize their health and vitality for 21 years! My mission is to help my clients transform their relationship with food, body, and self. I love what I do!
  2. My greatest adventure of my life was spending 9 months traveling through Africa, exploring 19 countries, and even going skydiving!
  3. I love to workout and my favorite classes are Barre workouts!
  4. My favorite superfoods are matcha, maca, and medicinal mushrooms and I love adding them to my smoothies for immune enhancement and stress resilience.
  5. Spending time in nature nourishes my soul. I walk my dog Bagel daily in the woods, by the reservoir, in the mountains, or by creeks.
  6. I disconnected from social media 7 months ago and I don’t miss it and it has been incredibly freeing.
  7. I am a wife and mother of two amazing children and my mission as a mother is teaching our children important life lessons, guiding them and cheering them on their journey, and giving them opportunities to do what they love to do so their light can shine incredibly bright!
  8. My dream is to be healthy and vibrant, do inspiring and meaningful work, and raise a beautiful family. I can honestly say I am living my dream!
  9. The one food I will never give up is 90% dark chocolate.
  10. My favorite quote by my greatest mentor: “We are surrounded by such magnificence, there is no way of handling it without tears of gratitude.” — Dr. John Demartini

If you would love to live an inspired life, learn how to live in alignment with your highest values, incorporate adventure and soulful pursuits into your day, have a healthy, nourishing relationship with food, and eat to give you the energy and vitality to do what you love to do, I am the coach for you!

Amy Bondar, Nutritional Therapist, Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Speaker, and Author brings 2 decades of experience in the field of nutrition and mind-body coaching and believes that nourishing our body with the power of food, resolving stresses that are influencing our eating behaviors and living a life with purpose are the essential ingredients to optimizing our health. With an open heart and inquiring mind Amy will accompany you on a journey that will inspire you to transform your relationship with food, body, and self. To learn more and work with Amy, visit, or contact Amy,


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