Reaching Real Food Freedom with Your Community

Friends eating pizza together. Image: Pexels - KoolShooters

If you have ever struggled with feeling out of control or obsessively thinking about food, please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

These struggles with food and body image are far more common than you may think, but it’s not something people often talk about. More often, people suffer in silence thinking that they’re somehow broken or undisciplined, but it’s not true

These struggles with binge eating or food obsession are normal side effects of dieting and food restriction.

Now I know just how scary the idea of releasing food rules may be. There may be a fear of eating yourself into oblivion or gaining an insurmountable amount of weight, but I promise you, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and the freedom and peace that awaits you on the other side is beyond worth it.

Watch this to learn how you can really reach food freedom:

The best news is, you don’t have to go on your journey of releasing food rules and restrictions alone. You can go on this journey surrounded around other like-minded individuals who are also ready to make their primary focus to heal their relationship with food and build sustainable habits that last.

Connect with like-minded people from your own friend group within the Ate app too!

If you need a few tips on how to get started in building healthy habits, take a look at this article too!

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Kelsey Wiebe is a Food Freedom & Body Confidence Coach, as well as an Ate app [professional/advocate]. She helps women break free from dieting and be confident in their bodies while creating healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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