Platting Your Food

Finger foods, or just a spoonful? Put even the smallest food on a plate before picking it up and putting it right into your mouth!

Appetizers on a plate that are easy to eat with fingers.

Sometimes it just seems so much easier to grab a spoon and dig into that pint of ice cream, or what about just opening a bag of chips and digging your hand in it? Especially when you’re sitting down in front of a TV or doing something else while you’re eating.

However, when you dig in the next thing you notice is it’s all gone! What gives! You’re at the bottom of the ice cream or just noticing there is nothing left in that bag of chips. This is because you are eating mindlessly.

The act of just putting your hand in the bag or eating spoonfuls of ice cream without noticing is mindless. It’s just too quick and too easy to access it that your brain does not have to process what you are doing.

Do these sound familiar to you?

If any of these sound familiar to you, here’s what to do.

What should you do?

Plate your food.

So now, slow down for a second. Grab a plate or a bowl. Open the bag or the pint, and put a handful or scoop out your food. Now you’ve added some extra time to the process before heading face-first into the food. You’re being mindful. You’ll be more aware of what you are consuming since you are able to see it in front of you.

Why is this?

Mindless eating occurs when you are not aware of the quantity that you are eating or that you are still eating in the first place.

We do this because it is too convenient to reach for the food if it is right there in front of us, and especially when all we need is our fingers or just a spoon. Convenience allows for mindlessness.

The more work is needed to eat the food whether that is taking it out of a drawer or from the cupboard, and putting it on a plate, the less likely you will eat the food or the less you will eat of it.

How to develop a better habit?

If you’re at home, instead of taking the easier way out, put your food on a plate or pour it in a bowl.

Another great habit is to put all your food away (and out of sight). When the food is out on the table, you are more likely to grab a piece of it than if it is not right in front of you.

One other tip is if you are going to have food on the counter, put it in a jar where you have to work harder to open the jar. Don’t choose the jar where you have to pull the lid off with one hand, but rather the jar where you have to screw the top off.

Did you know that even Google implemented different methods of arranging their large variety of snacks to help its employees develop healthier habits?

It does not have to be drastic changes but simply platting your food and then putting out of sight can help you build healthier habits overall!

What about the holidays?

With the holidays coming up, you can be mindful by also plating your food. This goes for those appetizers as well. Appetizers are laid out in front of you in a perfect place to stand around. Instead of being mindless about your appetizers while talking with others around you, grab a plate and put those appetizers on a plate. This will help you be aware of your choices and you won’t be surprised as to why you’re not hungry for dinner.

If you have cookies in the making, don’t leave them out of the kitchen table. Put them away and when you’re really thinking about them, grab them!

Being mindful of your food choices will allow you to build healthier habits going forward!

Did you try this experiment? What worked or didn’t work for you? Share your results with us!

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