How Moving to Mexico Helped Heal My Relationship with Food

Homemade tortillas used to make tacos. Unsplash -  Travis Yewell

Before moving to Mexico, I still had some fear around eating carbs. Fruits and veggies were ok, but I was still considering things like bread or tortillas to be too “unhealthy” for some reason.

But now, having lived in Mexico for nearly a year, I have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the Mexican tradition of eating tortillas with 1-2 meals every single day without any feelings of guilt or shame.

My experiences in Mexico have really shown me that food is so much more than just calories or macronutrients; food is also a tradition and often a social or even cultural experience.

One of the best gifts Intuitive Eating has given me is the ability to be present and truly savor ALL foods and traditions, all while continuing to honor my body’s needs.

What is a food tradition you have?

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Kelsey Wiebe is a Food Freedom & Body Confidence Coach, as well as an Ate app [professional/advocate]. She helps women break free from dieting and be confident in their body now while creating healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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