Meet Ray Hau - Your Ate Coach

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Hi, I’m Ray, thanks for stopping by here!

About Me

I’ve helped 10 (out of 10 total clients) successful entrepreneurs achieve lasting health transformations. They’re now able to stay fit, energetic, and enjoy a higher quality of life regardless of their age and lifestyle, without constantly paying someone or being bombarded by diet and nutrition noise, or facing judgment from others. Now, they’ve taken full control of their health with food with the framework I developed and without depleting their wealth anymore.

Before I tell you the framework. I’ll tell you where I come from.

I come from a country with a low awareness of food choices containing nutrient-dense food, so my family has no idea that eating food can be medicinal, at that time I was frequently sick and visiting doctors, but still remained sick and weak.

I observed my family and friends spending a ton of money on treatments, supplements, coaching, and courses, yet they still had health problems….

My surroundings consisted of wealthy people who often lacked good health. I pondered why life seems unfair, requiring one to be rich to maintain health. I noticed that many wealthy individuals don’t have the right methods to maintain their health independently. I realized something wasn’t quite right, everything related to health was always tied to spending more and more.

Eventually, I found out there was a missing part of nutrition that no one had told me about. This realization began when I read a book called Genius Foods by Max Lugavere. After reading his book and fully indulging myself in the nutrition topic, fortunately, I discovered a way we can not surrender to the norms of wealth to keep our health, the way we can maintain our health and listen to ourselves, not others.

If you are a successful entrepreneur, you understand the value of smart investments. You want to spend your money wisely and see a high return on investment. However, finding a solution for nutrition or health that delivers long-term results can be frustrating. It’s as if you’ve paid a ton of money for something that doesn’t cater to your individual needs for maintaining the quality of health you desire.

Health is the most uncertain aspect of our lives, and nutrition plays the biggest part in health, so imagine being able to take control of this aspect, maintaining your health with food effortlessly without constant coaching or strict rules.

Picture yourself maintaining your body, energy levels, and feeling great as the default setting, enabling you to focus on what truly matters in your business and personal life. Whether it’s working on your passion to develop new business streams or traveling overseas without health issues, you want to do more without being constrained by your health.

Who Am I For

If you’re someone who’s financially comfortable but still doesn’t feel comfortable in your own body, your emotions, mood, or your relationship with food.

You know nutrition is highly personalized, there’s always people telling you you’re doing the unsustainable way, but there’s still no answer for a sustainable way, and it makes you think you can’t navigate your diet by yourself.

You’ve invested or are still investing a huge amount of money in wellness products, gym memberships, coaches, and have tried many approaches to maintain your body and health.

But, you still haven’t found the right path to living your best life.

You often revert to old patterns despite the efforts, feeling bombarded by the noise of weight loss and longevity promises from different diets.

Despite trying them, nothing seems to work well for you in your life journey.

The money you’ve earned through hard work, endless nights, and stress should allow you to enjoy your achievements. Yet, a portion of it needs to be spent on maintaining your health to fully enjoy those accomplishments.

You’ve experimented with different diets, meal plans, and even hired someone every month, but you feel like your freedom to maintain and enjoy your life has been taken away.

When you’re fed up, you find yourself back at square one — feeling unfit, low on energy, and falling into old patterns.

Let’s be honest, wasting time and energy on something that seems to be a means to an end and constantly hiring someone to manage your health doesn’t feel like a smart investment.

Money may not be an issue for you, but you feel it shouldn’t be spent this way.

Good News For You

If you resonate with what I’m saying, I have good news for you.

You can actually navigate your health and regain full control of your life without diets, meal plans, calorie counting, or even needing to join a gym, and the results will stay with you, sustainably.

There’s a way to experience lasting changes in your quality of life, becoming fitter, having more energy, feeling healthier, and naturally looking better while maintaining them effortlessly.

This will allow you to have more time and money for other pursuits or even enable you to earn more than before.

My Nutrition Framework For You

As promised at the very beginning, here’s the nutrition framework I use for myself and for my clients to improve their health with food in any situation — it’s called the No BS Nutrition Framework; The 3 Simple Methods where you can eat well in any situation:

Method 1: Eat macronutrients, not just food.

Our environment often serves mainly carbs but lacks fiber and protein. When you eat, ensure your plate consists of not only carbs but also fiber and protein. For fats, you’re likely to consume enough fats from cooking the three macronutrients or from snacks like nuts, so don’t need to waste your energy in sourcing it.

Method 2: Portion by visuals, not numbers.

To achieve your health goals, you don’t need to count calories. Calorie numbers are just a reference, and everyone’s body reacts differently to food. Ditch the numbers and use your plate or your hand to measure:

Method 3: Focus on nutrients, not just healthiness.

You can eat anything you want; it’s about the nutrients it provides. Foods with more nutrients are typically unprocessed or whole foods, while processed or ultra-processed foods offer fewer nutrients. Even if a food seems healthy, check the label to see what it contains.

The best part? Even just following 1 method to a certain situation will already make you achieve what you want for your health.

Your Health Is Now Under Your Control

Incorporating these 3 Methods into your meal now, you’ll see a big difference in your energy, mood, and feeling about food. You’ll become the best version of yourself without dieting, without meal plans, and without feeling controlled by someone else’s program.

Imagine you’re fit and energetic enough to tackle your bucket list, with better focus and productivity for your ambitious projects — all while maintaining your health without following a meal plan or diet and without the need of constantly paying someone.

Here Are Three Ways I Can Help:

  1. Join my free webinar to achieve how to eat healthy with busy schedule in any situation:
  2. If you are not sure where to start, download the No BS Nutrition Framework to navigate and maintain your health with food, download here:
  3. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants real, lasting results with a sustainable approach and who wants to take back control of their health, you can join our 6-Week Challenge. After the challenge, you don’t need another health-related program anymore, and you’ll get the promised outcome when you committed, and committing to this challenge is easy and fun that you’ve never experience before, so let’s talk now:
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