How To Be Prepared with Healthy Meals and Snacks

Chopping vegetables for a meal. Unsplash - Igor Miske

Have you ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed when it comes to meal-prepping healthy snacks and meals for the upcoming week?

Believe me, I get it!

I’m no master in the kitchen. (Ask my roommate… I blew up our oven my first day in Mexico.)

Regardless, I have been able to figure out the BIGGEST SECRET to eating healthier throughout the week without all of the overwhelm of having to cook all of your meals in one day and struggle to eat the same leftovers day…after day…after day.

In today’s video I’ll show you exactly how I buy fresh, local ingredients here in Mexico, and how you can make the most nutrient-dense option EASIER, more OBVIOUS, most CONVENIENT.

Kelsey Wiebe is a holistic life and nutrition coach who specializes in helping women break free from an all-or-nothing relationship with food so they can show up fully present in life and the body that they love.

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