Listening to Your Hunger Cues

Woman holding sandwiches. Image: Pexels - RODNAE Productions

Do you know what hunger actually feels like?

Intuitive eating allows you to understand your hunger cues as you take a few moments to reflect and listen to your body. Before intuitive eating, you might ignore these cues, and only know what it feels like to be starving, hangry, or stuffed sick.

Take a few moments to listen to your body and check in to understand where you stand on the hunger/fullness scale and don’t forget to try out the Ate app to fully see what you ate, when you ate, and how it made you feel!

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Kelsey Wiebe is a Food Freedom & Body Confidence Coach, as well as an Ate app [professional/advocate]. She helps women break free from dieting and be confident in their bodies while creating healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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