Healthy Holiday Eating Tips to Start Today

Bea Kaye

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The holidays are a time where you let go and bask in festivities. It’s a time for socializing and having fun. But as you attend party after party and eat meals prepared by you and your loved ones, it’s easy to get swept up and put off your healthy routine completely.

Then again, consuming all those yummy holiday goodies can have adverse effects on your health, taxing your arteries and straining your waistline. Navigating the holiday season is challenging, but as Stacey Yates previously pointed out, it’s best to be intentional with everything you do so you don’t end up regretting your choices later on. Here are some tips on how you can still be in a festive mood this season all while staying healthy:

Stay hydrated.

With all the food and booze happening, we often overlook hydrating ourselves, causing us to eat and drink more.

Holiday glasses for wine and whiskey

This is because we often think that the sensation of thirst is hunger, when really, we should just be drinking more water. What’s more, failing to drink water while consuming alcohol can lead to you drinking more than you originally planned, which then results in a horrible hangover. It’s best to make it a point to drink water throughout the day and refilling your glass during your holiday meals. And if you decide to consume alcoholic beverages, just take it easy. Alternate your alcohol with glasses of water, and limit the sugary drinks and other booze with high-calorie content.

Opt for healthy beverages.

During the holidays, sweet beverages are of abundance. Many opt to reach out for mulled wine, hot chocolate, pumpkin lattes, and eggnog. But while there’s nothing wrong with indulging in these, you may also want to shift your focus on healthy swaps that are just as tasty too. You can try choosing tea over another mug of cocoa, or green coffee instead of that trendy latte. Pretty Me’s review of Lean N Green Coffee highlights how green coffee is a healthier alternative to regular coffee. This is because it is filled with powerful antioxidants, protects heart health, and contains chlorogenic acid that helps convert fat and glucose into energy. Tea also offers similar benefits, as it’s also rich in antioxidants that boost heart health and helps lower blood sugar levels.

Practice portion control.

Portion control should be your best friend during the entirety of the holiday season. Instead of going all out and consuming everything during lunch or dinner, Healthline recommends eating small snacks during the day, and then having three medium meals. As opposed to eating extra-large meals, portion control will help you improve your digestion and reduce the amount of food you’re eating, not just during meal times but overall. If you’re worried that you might not do it well, a good tip would be using smaller plates or reducing the number of dishes you serve at each meal.

Take advantage of opportunities to be active.

With the holiday underway, you have plenty of opportunities to stay active. The American Heart Association suggests trying your hand at winter sports for a change of space, or squeezing in a quick walk or workout before you head to the next party.

Walking outside in the snow

Walking after a meal may seem like it won’t do much, but aside from being a form of exercise, it also serves as your alone time to de-stress, which you would probably need given how stress is commonplace during the holiday season. Plus, it helps with your digestion as well, since it speeds up the time it takes for the food to move from the stomach into the small intestines.

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