Creating A Sacred Table

Place setting. Unsplash - Micheile Henderson

We spend so much time focusing on what we are eating, but the environment in which we eat is often ignored and yet it influences how well we are receiving our food. One of the most important healthy habits we can create to compliment our great nutritional intentions is to create a sacred table and eating environment.

A kitchen table or island can often be a catch-all! Leftover crumbs, unwashed place mats, empty glasses, jackets hanging on chairs, homework, keys, computers, cell phones, crafts, toys and paperwork. Can you relate? Especially during the pandemic when working from home and home-schooling have become part of our lives, our kitchen tables have been repurposed! Just the thought of it is stressful! What if we sit and eat next to that stress? It affects how we take in our food. We likely eat it more quickly and with less joy and pleasure, which can often make us feel less satisfied and satiated.

Nourishing your body can be one of the most pleasing, satisfying, health-promoting and enjoyable experiences but if your eating environment is noisy, cluttered, messy, distracting and looks a little like what is described above, then much of that nourishment is lost. It is not just about the food that we have to consider. It is how we accept, acknowledge and receive our food that can take our nutrition potential to a whole new level.

Creating a sacred table brings new energy, purpose, intention and love to the eating experience. When you eat at a beautiful table, the more relaxed, grateful, aware and connected you are and the more nourishment you receive from your food.

Kitchen table with place setting.

Eating is not merely a physical act. There is an incredible spiritual component to food and when you tap into that you receive the most out of your nutrition. The following are some examples of how you can create a sacred table and form new habits to optimize your eating experience.

Most of us fail to eat when we actually eat but connecting with your food and creating a sacred table invites us to be present and provides us essential moments to come home to ourselves, to nourish, replenish and receive our food to the fullest.

Amy Bondar, Nutrition & Vitality Expert and Mind-Body Eating Coach helps you rediscover the joy of eating, while creating lasting improvements in your health, eating habits and weight. She is a trusted and compassionate expert whose nutritional wisdom and counseling techniques have helped people overcome health and weight issues for nearly two decades

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