Coach Spotlight: Amy Bondar

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Walking outside in nature. Image - Pexels: Skitterphoto

A day in the life of Amy Bondar.

Every day I wake up dedicated to my highest values — my health, my family, and my business. My time, thoughts, energy, focus, money, and attention are always focused on these areas.

In this feature blog, I welcome you to journey with me as I walk you through my day to show you how I practice what I teach and live in integrity to what matters most to me in my life.

My family is my first priority of the day as I ensure my kids are nourished with whole colorful food, love, and encouragement as I get them off to school. I fill my body up with 1 liter of alkaline water with a drop or two of my favorite certified tested, therapeutic grade essential oils — lemon, grapefruit, lime, or a metabolic blend, depending on what my body is feeling. My infused water ensures I am hydrating, detoxifying, energizing, and supporting healthy bowels to get my day started on the right path.

Next up is walking my dog Bagel in nature. I ensure my cell phone is kept at home and this is my soul time. Spending time in nature and moving my body are high priorities. It is so important for me to fill myself up before I serve others. This is where I commune with myself in silence and the beauty and magnificence of nature envelops me. Whether I am in the woods, by the river, or lakes and often with a mountain view these walks are where I truly nourish my body, mind, and soul. After the walk, if time allows I may add in a Barre class, a strength workout or time in my infra-red sauna.

And then it’s time to eat! I usually have my first meal at 10 am when my body is letting me know it is hungry. As I am now in perimenopause I have found intermittent fasting very effective for keeping my blood sugars stable, insulin-regulated and my metabolic body supported. Again, I allow my body to guide me as to what it desires and my meals and food choices will change with the seasons.

Egg omlet on a plate with veggies

Currently, I enjoy my superfood smoothie where I add in collagen peptides for protein, joint, skin, hair, and gut support along with adaptogens like medicinal mushrooms, ashwagandha, matcha, and maca to a base of high antioxidant fruits and essential fats. I love enhancing my diet with superfoods and high vibrational foods to enhance my energy, immune system, to support my endocrine system, and allow me to be resilient to day-to-day stress. If it is not the superfood smoothie, I love an egg and veggie omelet (mushroom, zucchini, and greens) with some sliced avocado or grapefruit on the side. My third choice is an oatmeal rainbow bowl topped with chia, hemp seeds, blueberries, goji berries, and shredded unsweetened coconut. I always listen to my body and note what meal gives me the most energy, satisfaction, and satiation.

I follow this meal with my regimen of supplements on days I am called to take them and I always enjoy a high antioxidant, adrenal supporting and metabolic boosting tea such as Tulsi, Yerba Mate, Licorice, Pu-Erh or a Green tea with a little raw honey.

Now that I have filled myself up with all kinds of nourishment it’s time to focus on work! Every day I support, inspire, educate and guide my clients through one-on-one consultations, programs. speaking, writing, essential oil treatments, and coaching through the amazing Ate app! My focus, energy, resiliency and love for what I do is emitted out to whoever I am blessed to work with each day. My work fills me up and satisfies me immensely, that I often don’t need or think about food again until 3 pm, except for another liter of essential oil water throughout the afternoon.

And then it’s time to fuel up again before my family takes priority — kids, after-school snacks, lessons, homework, answering more emails, finishing up work, making dinner, and walking the dog. This time of day can be A LOT so ensuring I fuel up mid-afternoon is really important, especially to prevent ‘off-path’ moments! This is the time of day I enjoy homemade soup, leftovers from dinner or a protein warmed up on the stove with a bunch of sauteed greens (wild salmon, bok choy, and Chinese greens or chicken or grass-fed beef with a green detox soup, squash soup or mung bean soup). Sometimes I insert a mug of bone broth, mineral broth or trail mix bite to nourish my adrenals and give me some nutrient-dense high energy fuel to keep going.

Bowl of squash soup

A lighter dinner by 6, focused on high-quality protein, essential fats, and vegetable fiber are the trifecta for my body. A colorful salad topped with avocado or olives and olive oil with poultry, bison, lamb, or grass-fed beef are my go-to’s. I also love a one pot meal (chicken and veggie curry), stir-fry or meat sauce over spaghetti squash on colder fall and winter nights.

In the evening, I typically always enjoy 1–2 squares of 90% dark chocolate to nourish my soul and a cup of tea or elixir for a deep exhale. From 8 pm on there is no more phone, computer, no more food and this marks the time to just slow down and prepare for relaxation and restoration so I can do it all again tomorrow!

So there you have it, a peek into my life! This is how this coach nourishes her body, mind, and soul!

Amy Bondar is a leading Nutrition expert and Certified Eating Psychology Coach who is passionate about helping her clients achieve maximum health and vitality through personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Amy Bondar’s comprehensive skill-set, two decades of experience and compassionate approach have allowed hundreds of people to achieve the vitality we all desire, and deserve.

The days of generic meal plans, fad diets, yo-yo dieting and simple advice about calories and carbs are long gone. When you work with Amy you will have strategies and learn nutrition principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable, personalized and that yield results.

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