Eating From Smaller Plates

Take on a mindful experiment to see if you can focus more on what you eat and why you eat all while tricking your brain a little.

Plates on top of one another of different sizes

Could you make every meal of yours fit onto a smaller plate? Would you be just as satisfied? What about having the nerve to ask the waiter to serve you on a smaller plate?

Smaller plates and bowls help to trick your mind — and who doesn’t want that?

How does it work?

Seeing a cookie on a big plate will make it seem like it is a small portion as opposed to seeing the same size cookie on a small plate will make it look as if it is a larger portion.

White circle with black dot and black circle with white dot which looks bigger or smaller?

This is an optical illusion known as the Delboeuf Illusion. Optical illusions trick our brain especially when it comes to food on plates as we think things are smaller when placed on bigger plates, and food on small plates seems bigger.

Did you know…

Over the past 60 years, the average dinner plate size has increased by 36%!

In the US the average dinner plate measures 13 inches in diameter whereas in Europe the average size measures 9 inches!

How should you try this challenge?

1. Implement a smaller plate or bowl for one of your meals throughout the day.

Do you find yourself feeling fuller sooner?

Would you have added more food to your plate if it was bigger?

_Did you go back for seconds?

Food on smaller plates

_2. Try using a smaller plate or bowl for a different meal?

Did it make a difference?

Was eating your breakfast from a smaller plate still satisfying?

_What about that bowl of oats?

Breakfast served on smaller plates

_3. Reflect & evaluate how this change made you feel

Did you find yourself hungrier?

_Were the smaller portions the right amount of food?

Notebook with paper to take notes

_4. Take it to the next level. When you go out to eat ask your waiter or waitress to bring your food on a smaller plate.

_They may not be able to cater to your needs, but you can express the challenge you are participating in. Especially since restaurants on average use even larger sized plates!

Waiter serving food_

Ready to give this experiment a go? What worked or didn’t work for you? Share your results with us!

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