Ate App Featured in a Pilot Study with Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Shelley Wood

Ate research

We are happy to share that the Ate app was recently used as the photo food journal in a pilot study at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center focused on people with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). This study was partially funded by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

The study’s purpose was to determine whether the use of tele-health would be able to help participants with SCI improve their nutrition and weight management.

During the 3 month pilot study, 10 participants used the Ate app to track their food and drink. They also discussed their food choices with licensed nutritionists in 6 tele-nutrition counseling sessions using video calls.

The final result was that 9 of the 10 participants rated their healthy food choices as improving and experienced an improvement in self-reported choices of balanced meals. Overall, the study suggests that using Ate app with tele-nutrition counseling can be an effective way to improve the choices that individuals make around food and nutrition.

Read the full Pilot Study here, “Nutrition counseling and monitoring via tele-nutrition for healthy diet for people with spinal cord injury: A case series analyses”.

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