4 Steps to Regaining Your Mid-Year Motivation


Image: Pexels -Tirachard Kumtanom

Did you realize that we’re already halfway through 2022? Where has the time gone? This is usually that time of year when you find yourself lacking the motivation that you may have had at the start of the year.

Rather than only finding motivation at the beginning of the year after some New Year’s fireworks, use the 4th of July fireworks from this past weekend to pick up your mid-year motivation once again!

How do you find that mid-year motivation? Here are some ways to get back on path!

1. Remind yourself why you started

At the beginning of the year, there must have been a reason why you started on your health journey or why you wanted to implement those particular healthy habits in the first place.

Remind yourself of this. Relying only motivation is not a reliable resource but rather making sure that you understand why you are doing it and what it will help with later. Your why is something that you want to be able to incorporate into your life automatically.

2. Do your goals need to be readjusted

Remind yourself why they were important in the first place. Are they still important to you today? Do you need to possibly modify them? Many things can happen over the course of six months and it is ok if things need modification. Take some time to reflect on the importance of your goal or goals to you to be able to make the proper adjustments from there.

Remember! You don’t need to necessarily reach it by the end of the year either. Don’t put that additional pressure on yourself. If it takes a little longer to reach where you’re going it’s alright. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

3. Slow down and start small

What systems and routines can you implement that will be attainable? Sometimes at the beginning of the year we take on too much at one time. This can lead to not being able to keep at it for too long.

If you’re about to restart on your goals and looking to regain momentum, start small and simple. This will allow you to be encouraged to continue towards your goal even when you might not have the motivation on a daily basis.

How can you break this up into smaller pieces that are attainable? How can you make sure that you go add it for the following six months. It’s ok to have a new game plan.

4. Focus on your own self care and well-being too

When you are hyper focused on your goal(s), often times you may forget about other areas of your well-being. Make sure to devote time to some self care and other aspects of your health as well. Self care and your own well-being is just as much of a priority as your initial goal.

It’s ok when you’ve lost motivation — especially come the summer months. We’re all human and motivation is something that comes and goes. But when you can work on building it into habits that are attainable, you are able to regain focus and work towards that initial goal.

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