Jobs: UI/UX Designer (HIRED!)

Are you interested in mindfulness and the brain <-> gut connection? Are you interested in working with a small remote team? A team where your ideas will matter and where your contributions will be immediately felt and much appreciated?

In this role you’ll work completely remotely, on your own schedule, focusing only on the actual output. You’ll join a team who are extremely passionate about what they do, work hard to keep it that way, and enjoy the occasional Margarita.

About Ate — the mindful journaling company

Ate is devoted to helping people transform their relationship with food. We help them achieve this through self-awareness, self-diagnostics, and self-improvement. Our approach is focused on tracking eating habits and associated emotions in an effortless, mindful, and non-judgemental way.

Ate works with health professionals and individuals around the world, with most of our users based in the US. We are well-funded and work with some amazing large organizations.

Ate offers a competitive salary and possibly equity. Our team is currently split between the US and Europe.

Join us now and help us build a great company, with a fantastic culture, that helps millions of people around the world transform their relationships with food.

Ate is looking for people who are

Hungry for knowledge
Honest in your dealings
Humble in life
Happy with what you are doing

Self-starters with strong time management skills. (Needed for remote work.)
Located somewhere with a reliable internet connection. (US or Europe are a huge plus)

For this role

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