How-to Guide for Coach Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I create a coach account?“

Head over to to create an account with a username and password. Incase you have been playing around with the ate app previously, you can use that same username and password to login to the coaching portal.

“Can I only use this on my computer, or can I use it on my smartphone too?“

Still want to have access to your clients from your phone as well? Log in from the web browser on your phone to the coaching dashboard and add the url at the bottom through Add to Home Screen. It generates a completely user friendly progressive web app! This way you can track clients with the coach dashboard both on your computer and on your smartphone!

“Why do I have to give my credit card number right away? What if I don’t like it?“

Don’t worry! The first three weeks are a free trial, so just make sure to unsubscribe within 21 days before the free trial is up so that you are not charged.

“What if I want to unsubscribe?“

Head into settings (located in the bottom left corner next to your profile) from there, manage subscription and then cancel the subscription.

“Why should I create a coach account?“

With the coach dashboard you are able to view your clients’ meals on their path, see why and when they have eaten them. In addition, you can view their profile, stats and chat with them directly in the app. Your clients, using the ate app, will see you on their friends tab and have the ability to chat with you directly. (Incase you are also a user of the ate Food Diary app, your clients will not see your path and profile if you invite them from the coach portal.)

“What do I do from here?“

Once you have created an account for yourself, the first step is to set up your profile. Click on your name and in setting → edit profile. Add a picture of yourself so that your clients know that it is you when they visit the friend/coach screen within their app.

“How do I add a new client?“

You’re ready to add your first client! Click on add new client. We have pre-generated for you a coach code which you can send to your clients. Your clients will need to go to their friends screen and tap on Add Friend. Once they enter your code on this screen, a notification will be sent to your coach portal to approve the connection. Once you approve it, your client will be added to the portal.

“How can I see what my clients are eating?“

Once you have added your first client you will see their path in addition to the messaging area where you can chat with them. If you click on a meal you can see the mindful questions that they have answered regarding the meal and their week summaries. If you want to view their stats, click on the person icon at the top of the middle panel where it has your client’s path. That icon will open another panel where you will be able to see their goal, the guidelines they have selected in addition to this week stats and lifetime stats.

“How do I chat with my clients?“

Click on the client you want to chat with and simply use the chat with … panel to talk to your clients! When they open it up on their phones, and tap you as a coach, they will only see a chat box from you where the two of you can communicate.

“Will my clients be able to see one another?“

No, only you have access to seeing your clients. Your clients can connect with one another if they use the friends feature within the app but the messages you send to them will only appear in their chat box.

“What does this look like on my client’s’ app?“

Your client will have the core app but when your client swipes the screen to the left, in the friends screen they will see your picture and name at the top. When they tap on that, they will only be able to chat with you.

“How do I remove a client?“

If you click on the three dots labeled more when you open the profile of your client with the person icon at the top when viewing the client’s’ path, you can then remove your client from the list.

“How many clients can I have?“

We currently limit you to 30 clients. If you need to be able to add more, please contact us.

“How do I know if my client sent me a message?“

A notification icon will be displayed on their profile when they send you a message.