How-to Guide for Android

Getting started

Here’s a quick run through on how to get started on a successful journey with ate.

Some features are not available on our Android Beta nor Android Premium Beta

Snap a picture to track a meal

Whenever you are getting ready to eat, just open the app and snap a quick photo of your meal or snack.

Make one quick decision at this point, is the choice you are making On or Off path for you?

Pro tip: Track everything! :)

Decide if it’s On or Off path

It really depends on how it fits into your current goals. There is no wrong answer, just be honest with yourself.

Mark it whatever it feels like at that point in time. You can always change it later. So no worries, put your phone down and enjoy the flavors of whatever you are eating.

Meal Details

Once you are done eating, come back to ate, scroll down to your post and tap on it to open up the meal details view. It’s now time to reflect on the choices you made by answering some simple questions like “Why did you eat?”.

These questions were designed to help you recognize some potentially bad habits that are keeping you from reaching your goals. It’s also a great way to proudly track the good ones. :)

It’s amazing how often we eat because it’s time, not because we are actually hungry.

This is all great, but how do you not forget to snap photos and to return to reflect?

Setup Custom Reminders

You can setup custom reminders with your own motivational wording, so you don’t forget to keep journaling.

You can set reminders at certain times after a meal, with questions like “How was it?” or “Is it time to eat again?”.

You can also set reminders at a specific time of day, like “It’s time for breakfast!” or “Your eating window is closing for today!” for us intermittent fasters.

To enable these, simply tap on the reminder button in the top bar or in settings.

This function uses the same technology as notifications, so it will ask you to enable notifications for the app. (Don’t worry, we rarely send push notifications, so it will be mostly only yours showing up.)

Add ate to your phone’s home screen.

This can be helpful for the first week or so. Just move the ate app icon to your home screen, that way it will always be there to remind you to use it.

Pro tip: You can even add it to the navigation bar to make journaling a breeze.

So what if you still forget to snap a picture, no worries!

Import a picture

Did you use your camera app to take the picture or did somebody else take it and send it to you? You can import the picture from your camera roll for up to a week.

Tap on options in the navigation bar and tap on import in the menu. Select an image and add it to your timeline. The app takes the original image timestamp and places meal accordingly on your timeline. To change the timestamp, simply tap on it during the import or later by visiting the meal detail.

Pro tip: Would you like to have Import as your default option in the navigation bar? Simply tap on the menu icon in the options view to choose which option you want to see on the other side of the camera button.

Or add a meal manually, using Text-only

You don’t have a picture of your meal at all? You can add a meal manually by adding a short description and setting the time manually up to a week in the past. Just tap on the Text-only icon in the navigation bar or in options.

Do we recommend you waiting a week to track something? NO! To take advantage of the benefits of being mindful, you should always record things when you eat and how you feel right afterwards.

It turns out many of us make poor choices because we simply don’t remember what we ate. Journaling things while we still remember is very important. But of course, things happen, and nobody wants to mess up their timeline with missed meals. :)

Discover your Timeline

So where do all the photos go? Your first food picture will begin your own timeline. All proceeding meals will be posted here, including the meal times, times between the meals and On/Off path clearly visible.

To see your timeline, simply swipe down on the timeline screen with the camera viewfinder. You will find all your meals and anything else you added here.

Discovering your profile

Do you want to see how you have been doing over time?

Swipe over to your profile to see some helpful stats of your past 7 days. On the top diagram we show you how On Path you are towards your goal based on the selections you made. Below we show you why you ate, based on the mindfulness questions you can fill out.

Pro tip: For a sustainable balanced lifestyle, we usually recommend that you try to stay 80% On Path. Remember that health is not only physical, but also mental and emotional. Sometimes you need to live a little to maintain the proper balance. (Of course if there is a medical reason to stay 100% On Path, you should stick to it!)

Create a Free account

To see more stats, we highly recommend that you create an account on your profile page.

It will not only enable you to see more stats, customize your profile, sync across devices and connect with friends, but also makes sure you have access to your data in the future.

Customize profile

Once you have created your free profile, you can start customizing your profile page.

We have two sets of stats we show you. Rolling stats for the past 7 days and detailed stats for the past 12+ weeks.

By tapping “See all” you can see all the graphs available. You can also decide which ones you want to show up on your profile main screen.

Pro tip: Having too many graphs on your main screen can be overwhelming. Pick the ones that are most meaningful/motivating for you and only add those to the main screen.

Receiving your First Reminders

Depending on the reminders you have selected, you will start receiving them at the times you set.

Most people set too many reminders in the beginning, and eventually get annoyed, but don’t worry, you can go back and adjust them to your preferences.

It will take some time to understand your food timing for yourself and to get the messages lined up, but once you got it down, the reminders can be extremely useful!

Pro tip: Change the text around often and have fun with it.

Build your Timeline

For every meal or snack you eat, take a picture! This will create a path with the On and Off meals clearly visible.

It enables you to scroll back to see how you have been eating. Seeing meals on various days on a linear timeline can really help you put together interdependencies between your choices. That salad might look like a good idea last night, but if it left you starving and binging this morning, it was probably not enough to fuel your body.

Reflecting on your choices (both the type of meals and timing) can help in making better decisions down the road.

Pro tip: If you are interested in tracking water, bulletproof coffees, activities, moods, or just taking general notes, we have a Premium Beta subscription available to enable all those functions, among many other things. More on this below.

Day Summaries

After your first post of the day, we show you a nice little summary of your previous day. This includes On Path percentage, number of meals, the frequency of those meals and the Day Recap button.

We also calculate your overnight fasting time after you post your first meal, if you are into intermittent fasting.

Pro tip: If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting, try it!

Day Recap

At the end of each day and the very end of your timeline, you will find the DAY RECAP button. Tapping it will give you an overview of your day. Here you will find a collage of your meal photos for the day (up to 8) ready to be shared on social media.

You will also see other tracked items from that day, all your notes and your daily stats.

Share Your Day

This option is now available under the Day Recap view. This generates a collage of that days first 8 meals that you can share with anyone through whichever form of communication you prefer.

Pro tip: Looking to post on Instagram? The inner meal collage is a perfect square to make sure it looks good. Or you can share the whole image which is aligned with the extended view capabilities of Instagram.


How do I add a friend?

Receive an invite code

Did you receive a personal invite code from a friend?

Swipe the screen to the left or tap the icon in the bottom right-hand corner with the three people. This will bring you to the friend’s screen. When here, tap the “Add Friend” Icon in the top of the view bar. This will bring you to a new screen where you will see the “Received a code” box where you can enter the received code. Tap ok and you guys are ready to start following one another’s’ paths!

Share your invite code

Do you want to send an invite code to a friend?

Swipe the screen left or tap the icon in the bottom right-hand corner with the three people. This will bring you to the friend’s screen. When here, tap the “Add Friend” Icon in the top of the view bar. This will bring you to a new screen from where you can generate an invite link you can share with friends through any channel.

When they tap this link, it will either take them to the app store to download ate or show them your invite within the app.

To manually invite them, tap on “Show my invite code” to reveal your 8 character invite code. You can share this code with anyone in any way you like. Once they enter this code into their app, they will be able to connect with you. If you feel that this code got out to too many people, you can simply reset it tapping the menu icon in the top right corner of the “Add Friend” screen.

What can you do when you and your friends have connected?

Once you have connected with a friend, tap on their profile picture in the top bar. You have the option to view their path (tap on the pictures to view the mindful questions/choices they picked), chat with them and view their weekly and overall stats.

This will encourage you both to eat better and stay accountable of your goals!

Can I change my 8 character private code?

Yes, go to settings and scroll to “Manage Friends”. Here you can reset your private code and also share your private code again.

How many friends can I add?

Technically, there is no limit on the number of friends you can add, however, we designed the UI on purpose to work better with a fewer number of friends. Why?

We wanted to keep this small so that it’s the closest friends that you can rely on for help when it comes to your health. Sometimes these accountability/motivational friends are not the same people every day.

Choose people that you know will be a big influence and will make you want to reach your health goals!


Our goal is to keep all core features related to tracking what you eat free forever. However, we need to support ourselves and future development of ate, so we packaged all other features under the Premium umbrella.

By upgrading, you will first receive a free 7 day trial of the premium features. You will not only get access to some awesome add-ons and convenience features that can help you considerably in seeing the overall picture of your health journey but also support our humble little team. :)

Custom Questions and Answers

Can’t find what you want with our pre-set custom questions and answers? No need to worry! You can customize this section to better fit your needs. Tap on your latest meal to open up the Q&As. To the right, you’ll see customize. You can check off the questions that you want displayed underneath your meal, you can reorder them in which you want to see them, and at the bottom, you can “add new question”.

If you are using one of the old questions, tap on the question, edit the question, add new answers, and/or enable multiple selection if that is relevant to you and the question.

If looking to add a completely new question, add the question, enable multiple selection if need be, and then add different answers that pertain to you and the question. Don’t forget to save!

These new questions and answers will be visible on your profile screen. Go over to your profile, and next to “7-day progress” tap on customize. Check off the graphs that you want to see on your profile screen. These will have your custom questions and answers available too!

Liquid Tracker

Looking to add liquids to your path?

Tap on options in the navigation bar and choose Liquid. Here you can select the type of liquid, quantity and add notes. If this is something that you drink often, you’ll be able to access this specific quantity and drink at the bottom in the “Quick add” section.

Once your liquid has been chosen, tap add, to add it to your path. Liquids don’t impact your On/Off Path nor your fasting timer. If you feel that whatever you are drinking should impact those two items, just track it as a meal. (Meal replacement shakes and second round of margaritas usually qualify. :) )

To edit the date, quantity, or liquid, tap on the liquid to change.

To delete, tap on the liquid, and in the upper right corner you will see three dots where you’ll be able to delete the liquid

Pro tip: For custom quantities, scroll down to the bottom of the volume picker to add your own. You can later easily re-add this using the “Quick Add” section.

Activity Tracker

Looking to add physical activities to your path?

Tap on options in the navigation bar and choose activity. Here you will be able to select the type of activity, duration, and add a note if you want. If this is something that you complete often, you’ll be able to access this specific duration and activity at the bottom in the “Quick add” section.

To edit the date, quantity, or activity, tap on the activity to change.

To delete, tap on the activity, and in the upper right corner, you will see three dots where you’ll be able to delete the activity.

Web Sharing

Once you have created an account, you can create a special web sharing link from your profile page. The link gives read-only access to the last 2 weeks of your path to anyone you share it with. No login necessary from their end and they can open it in almost any browser.

If you ever want to revoke or reset your link, you can always do so from your profile. This will disable the old sharing link and create a new one.


Do you often eat the same meals? Or make smoothies in the morning? With Favorites, you can easily save these photos and reuse them in the future.

Just tap on the star icon on the meal photo in detail view to add it to your favorites list. You can also add favorites from the camera roll in settings and on the favorites screen itself.

To add a favorite back on your timeline, just tap options in the navigation bar and tap on favorites.

Pro tip: For repeating smoothies, like a protein banana shake, create a nice setup with all the ingredients once, take a photo of it, then save it as a favorite for easy reuse.


Be more in tune with why you eat. It’s one thing to realize what you are eating, but do you know the emotions associated with that meal? After the meal pick the moods that correspond to how you feel to be better aware of the food choices that you are making.

Once you added your mood, you’ll be able to see this on the side of your path amongst your meals. To add mood, tap on the options button in the navigation bar.


Here you can take the time to capture any thoughts or notes that you have about or during the day. Did you have an exam? A stressful day at work?

Keep these bits of information as a reminder to help you understand how your meals corresponded with your daily notes.

To access notes, tap on the “Add other” button in the navigation bar.


How to add a subscription

You can sign up for the Premium Beta subscription from various places within the app. Under settings, in the options view or when taping on options on the bottom of the screen.

All subscriptions are managed by Google Play Store, so you will have to go through the standard Play Store confirmation and payment screens to sign up.

How to cancel your subscription

All app subscriptions on the Android, including ours, is managed by Google Play Store.

To cancel, you need to open the Google Play Store app on your phone, tap on subscriptions and then you can manage your subscription from there.

Deleting the app vs. Cancelling

Deleting your account and app will not cancel your subscription. As stated above, Google Play is managing all app subscriptions that can be sold on an Android, so you have to visit the Google Play Store to cancel your subscription. Deleting the app will just remove the app from your phone.

I want to subscribe to Premium, where else can I do that?

Simply go to settings and scroll to “Manage Subscription”. Here you’ll be able to choose a one month, 3 months or an entire year subscription!

What will I get with a Premium account?

As mentioned above, you’ll get access to additional tracking options like liquid, activity, mood, and notes. Have the ability to customize questions and answers under meal detail. Access the Favorites features which makes it easy to save and re-add past meals.



Setup a profile to make ate your own. By swiping right, you can access your profile screen where – once you are logged in – you can see your 7-day and detailed stats. It’s also a place where you can create your web sharing link.

Creating a profile is not required, but highly recommended if you will be using the app. Without a profile, we can’t get you back into the app if you ever switch phones or delete the app accidentally. You don’t want to lose your timeline.

Lifetime stats

From the first photo that you upload to your timeline, the app keeps track of where you are on your paths. Making daily and weekly progress is fairly easy to make, changing your lifetime percentage is difficult. This is where it goes to show that your journey is a process, and you cannot sprint to the finish line.

Your lifetime stats are always visible in the very bottom of your profile once you have created an account.

Setting a Goal

When you tap in the header area (or under your photo on your profile), your “Plan your path” view opens up. This is a place to set your motivational goal. There is a reason why we jumped on this path and it’s not to follow a certain diet. This is the place to set your goal and update it as you reach it.

This should be something very specific for you. The more personal it is, the more it will motivate you to achieve it! Whenever you open the app and want to take a picture, the goal is there to remind you!


By tapping on the edit button under your goal, you can select from a list of guidelines to help you in your journey.

Guidelines help you with which foods are healthy and which ones you should limit. They also recommend some best practices to help you stay on path. You can pick and choose from the guidelines that you want to follow and enjoy the journey.


“Why not calorie counting?”

Calorie counting works for some people, but not for everyone. We live in a fast paced life, where we don’t always have the time to figure out how many calories the restaurants’ meal have, how many grams of protein the fish was, etc. Don’t cause yourself extra stress if you can’t calculate every calorie!

Additionally, companies have the chance of labeling 20% less calories on their products than they actually have in them! As much as you want to keep a strict calorie count for your day, you cannot always calculate the exact amount.

Thirdly, calorie counting has shown to cause many people a negative relationship with food. This can lead to a disordered eating (the “lite” version) or even an eating disorder. We want to avoid these problems and let you go off path while steering you back on path without causing yourself stress after a meal. Stress about the bigger things in life like your health, don’t let one meal or a number on the scale get you down!

Also, the quality of your food is more important than the quantity. Just think instead of eating a small bag of potato chips, have some fruit or veggies. The small bag of chips have a similar calorie content as eating some fruit and/or veggies. Because the fruit and veggies are healthier, you can indulge and have more without having to worry about it. It will keep you feeling fuller for a longer amount of time and its nutritional breakdown is far more better than if you choose the chips.

“How do I choose if my food is On or Off path?”

This is all up to you. You need to hold yourself accountable to the decisions that you make. Don’t cheat yourself. It will just take longer of a journey to reach your goals if you decide that an off path meal is on path. If it is off path, and does not fit your goals, then choose the off path button.

No one will scold you, rather you’ll learn and make better choices the next time.

“How will this app help me achieve my goals?”

With ate we are not trying to restrict your eating habits rather just build stronger and better habits. By making small changes you’ll be able to maintain the new behaviors that will hopefully guide you in a direction of long-term success.

It is never too late to begin a habit, it just needs time and dedication to get started.

“Can other people see how I’m eating?”

Yes and no. Your timeline is specifically designed so that only you can view it.

However, if you need the extra motivation, need someone else to keep you accountable or want to share your achievements then you have the option of letting a close friend, a coach or a nutritionist view your timeline so that they can provide you with constructive criticism. But this is only if you choose to allow them access to your timeline.

If you are on a roll, eating healthy and want others to know about your progress then feel free to share your day or a meal on social media! What better way to encourage other people to eat healthier?

“Why should I fill out the questions after I eat?”

Filling out the questions about your snack or meal after you ate help give you guidance as to why you ate. This helps bring awareness to your habits and helps you change small things. Did you constantly eat because you were stressed? Try finding something to do during a time like this? Are you constantly having cravings and eat chocolate? Try substituting out the chocolate for something else by finding a healthier option.

Give it some time, and you’ll be able to build a healthier habit week by week. In the end you’ll be able to shift your eating patterns to be able to eat because you were hungry or it was time to eat, find meals that satisfy your level of hunger while still tasting great! Small steps can lead to a successful journey.

“When does my week starts?”

Although we highly recommend focusing on your 7-day rolling averages for continuous progress, for long term tracking and in your timeline, we take the week as a unit of measure. We had to pick a start time, so our week starts on Monday morning at 3am and ends the following Monday at 2:59am.

If you visit detailed stats on your profile, you will see some of your stats broken down in weekly basis on you graphs. It’s a great place to reflect and make changes to your habits as needed.